Sunday, February 22, 2009

I made this blog to; review records, poetry, photography, and any and all types of art. I am going to interview bands that I care about, and post news and opinions regarding the underground music scene. A hard copy of this Internet zine will be in the works when I have the time, money, and resources. For now, blogspot is so incredibly easy to use, this will be the online home for The Fruits Of Progress.

I derived the name for this zine from the Last Lights song "Love + Rent." Last Lights, in my opinion, was the best band in the current Hardcore and Punk scene. Their lead singer, and main songwriter, Dominic Mallary, wrote the most clever, poetic, and insightful lyrics the scene has experienced in a real long time. And when I say experienced, I mean going to see the band aside, listening to their records, and reading his lyrics was an experience. On December 5th, 2008, at the age of 24, Dominic Owen Mallary died from a blod clot that moved from his neck, up to his brain after a Last Lights performance at Boston University the night before. He died doing what he loved, his music and his poetry will now live forever. Everything that I write, or any art I create will be dedicated to him. Rest In Peace Dom.